The Usuthu Funeral Benefit Plan offers individuals, who are concerned about their financial preparedness in the event of an unexpected death in the family, the opportunity to take up affordable basic funeral benefits.



The Usuthu Funeral Benefit Plan includes the following benefits:
• Basic Funeral Cover.
• Memorial Cover/Tombstone Benefit
• Optional – Extended Family Member Cover
– Wider Children Benefit

Basic Funeral Benefit:

The basic funeral cover provides a cash benefit in settlement of a valid death claim of a Principal Member, Spouse and Eligible Children (where applicable) who have been nominated on the application form.

Optional – Extended Family Benefit

The Principal Member may elect cover for extended family dependants, who are reliant on him / her for financial assistance towards funeral and related costs.
Please note

• Maximum entry age is 94 years
• Up to 10 Extended Family members may be nominated for cover
• Only in a case of a marriage may a Extended Family member be added, provided maximum number of Extended Family Members has not been exceeded(approval granted by Safrican before premiums amended)
• Extended Family members may only be covered once under the plan

Optional – Wider Children Benefit

A child who is 18 years or younger and does not qualify to be an eligible child of the Principal Member but is financially dependent on the Principal Member. Wider children should be related to the Principal Member (there must be insurable interest) and the proof of dependability may be required by Safrican should it be deemed necessary. Up to 4 Wider Children may be nominated for cover

There are 3 categories of cover available:
• Single Person
• Single Parent plus Children
• Full Family

Of these categories, a choice may be made of any one of the plans as indicated. The scale for children will be applicable to the full family and single parent plus children options.


Principal Member:

Any individual between ages 18 – 94, who is economically active and in possession of a current bank account that allows debit orders.

It can also be an existing Principal Member of a current fund with Safrican, who has been a

It can also be an existing Principal Member of a current Safrican fund who has been a member for at least 12 (twelve) consecutive months and elects continuation option when ceasing to be a member of the fund. The member must be resident in South Africa.


A person married to the Principal Member by law, tribal custom or under the tenets of any Asian religion and shall include a Common Law Spouse, and where applicable, a relationship between two people of the same gender, not exceeding the maximum entry age of 70 years.

Eligible Child:

An unmarried child, 21 years and under, of the Principal Member, including a stepchild, a posthumous child, an illegitimate child, a legally adopted child or a stillborn child (after the 25th week of pregnancy).

The age of 21 years is extended to 25 if still a full-time student, at a recognised institution or until the Principal Member ceases to qualify.

The age of 21 is extended to death if the child is mentally or totally and permanently disabled before age 21 or until the Principal Member ceases to qualify.

It is recommended that details of any children of the Common Law Spouse, illegitimate children and stepchildren be given to Safrican at the date the Principal Member joins the scheme or within 1 (one) month of the dependant becoming eligible for cover. Alternatively, a claim for a benefit must be supported by proof satisfactory to Safrican.

Extended Family:

This shall include the parents, parents-in-law, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters and children over age 21 of the Principal Member. Up to 10 (ten) dependants may be nominated for cover under this option, if selected, provided that:

• Dependants do not exceed the maximum entry age of 94.
• This option may only be taken up in addition to the Basic Funeral Plan.
• Extended Family dependants may only be covered once under the plan.

Memorial Benefit

An additional 50% of the funeral benefit is payable on the first anniversary date of the death in respect of the Principal Member and Spouse
Wider Child

• A child who is 18 years or younger and does not qualify to be an eligible child (as explained above) but is financially dependant on the Principal Member. Proof of dependency to be provided at application and claim stage.

Only in the case of a life changing event, may changes be made to Extended Family dependants.


• Principal Member must be in possession of a current bank account, which allows debit orders.
• Principal Member must not exceed maximum entry age of 94.
• Principal Members or any dependants may not already have cover under the Usuthu Funeral Benefit Plan.
• Cover will only commence from the date of the first debit order being honoured.
• A one-month grace period will apply from inception of the policy. If the policy has been in force for one year, the grace period will be extended by one month for each 12 month period the policy has been in force, with no reduction in cover with a maximum of 6 months non-payment. In case of a claim, the claim value will be reduced by the unpaid premiums.
• No arrear premiums will be accepted other than in the abovementioned instance.
• Premiums shall be payable in advance to Safrican by the policyholder at the premium rate and premium frequency as specified in the schedule.
• Safrican will terminate the policy on the first occurrence of the following :
o Death of a principal member
o The principal member ceasing to pay premiums subject to the grace period.
o The policy is terminated.
• Upon the death of any person insured under this policy , notice of the claim together with all the necessary supporting documentation required by Safrican must be sent to Safrican within 6 (SIX) months of the date of death. No claim, where documentation is submitted after 6 months of the date of death, will be honoured.
• Payments shall be made from the commencement date to the date of termination of this Policy.
• Should a single member convert to a family contract a new application must be completed, and the six month waiting period will apply to all additional dependants.


• A 6 (six month) waiting period will apply from the date of the first debit order being honoured, in respect of death due to natural causes.
• If an existing member of a Safrican policy elects a higher benefit, when taking up the continuation option, than that under the existing scheme, a 6 (six) month waiting period will apply to the increased benefit amount only, not the current benefit. Provided it is taken up within 1 (one) month of withdrawal, retirement or ceasing to be a member.
• Suicide will not be covered during the first 2 (two) years of membership.
• Extended family members that are above the age 74 will have a waiting period of 12 months and the same will apply in cases where a member has elected an increase in benefit amount.
• Should a premium be missed for a maximum period of 3 (three) months, the policy can be
re-instated without a requirement to catch up on premiums and no waiting period will be applicable. This is a once-off concession and after this period the waiting period will apply from the date of the first debit order.


• In instances where an intermediary is involved, up to a maximum of 10% commission and a R15.00 administration fee will be payable to the intermediary for services rendered, and in addition a R5.00 debit order fee which is included in the premium will be payable to Safrican


The debit order will be lodged on the date as selected by the accountholder.

The signed application form must reach Safrican offices no less than 10 (ten) working days prior to the selected deduction date to be registered. If not, the deduction will be registered for the following calendar month, as per date selected. Please ensure that the debit order is drawn from your bank account on the date selected, if not contact our offices.

Please ensure that the debit order is drawn from your bank account on the date selected. If not deducted on the selected date, please contact our offices immediately.


The Policy does not have a surrender value. Benefits under this policy may not be ceded or pledged in any way. No loans will be accepted against this policy.


The member as well as Safrican reserves the right to cancel this policy at any time after giving the other party three (3) months’ written notice of such intention.


From the date that Safrican receives this completed application form, there is a 30 (thirty) day period in which the applicant still has the option to cancel the policy. Safrican must be notified in writing to have the policy cancelled and any premiums that may have been deducted, refunded. If no such notification is received within 30 days from receipt of this document, Safrican will consider the policy taken up.


In the event of a death, a Claim Notification form must be requested from a Safrican office and together with the relevant supporting documents must be submitted to Safrican within the six (6)
month period from the date of the death, failure to do so may result in the benefit being forfeited.

Documents that must be submitted:

• Fully completed Claim Notification form.
• Proof of death:
(B1-5) Original computer produced or faxed
certified Death Certificate, or Practitioner or District Surgeon.
(B1-20) Original or faxed certified Abridged Death Certificate with a Home Affairs stamp and number in black.
• Copy of member’s Identity Document.
• In the event of a claim for an unmarried child over the age of 21 but not yet 26,who is a full-time student, confirmation from a recognised education institution must be submitted, confirming full-time study and registration at the institution for the specific year of study(Part-time or correspondence scholars do not qualify).
• For a disabled unmarried child over 21, confirmation of disability must be supplied by means of a Disability Grant confirmation, copy of Medical Report or Medical Aid application.

Safrican reserves the right to request further documentation or information as it may deem necessary to accurately assess a claim.

Safrican will endeavour to settle the claim within 48 hours, provided all the claim procedure criteria have been met.

Faxed copies must be clearly certified. The details of the Commissioner of Oaths with all the relevant details must be clear. Documentation submitted, other than those listed, will not be accepted.

Affidavits are not accepted.
NB: Posted documents MUST be sent via registered mail.



In respect of claims post/fax to the following office:

7th and 8th Floors, SADTU House
321 Anton Lembede Street
Durban, 4001
P.O. Box 5008, Durban 4000
Tel: 031 305 1800

Fax : 0866 773 224

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