Urgent Announcement from AmaZulu FC President

Thursday, 8 April 2021: It has come to the attention of AmaZulu Football Club and its President, Mr. Sandile Zungu, that there is scam involving a text currently in circulation amongst football legends depicting a false cash deposit from the President and wherein victims are requested to re-deposit the money back into the account shown in the text.

The perpetrator of this scam then proceeds to call the victims, pretending to be the AmaZulu FC President.

AmaZulu FC President, Sandile Zungu unequivocally wishes to inform the football fraternity at large and anyone who may have received this text or may have been in contact with the individual that this is the work of an imposter and for people to not fall victim of this scam.

Any vital communication to our partners, supporters and all pertinent stakeholders of the club from the President is channelled through the official platforms of AmaZulu FC including verified social media pages and our website. The President and AmaZulu FC are currently looking into the matter and once again, wish to caution the public to remain vigilant against such perpetrators.

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