The lady behind the green and white

This week chats to Nonhle Mzila whose passion for Usuthu holds true to the fact that days when the stronger sex dominate football are slowly coming to an end.

Silindile Xulu brings us close to the leading lady behind the selling of the green and white merchandise at AmaZulu home matches.

Silindile Xulu: Tell us how working for AmaZulu came about?
Nonhle Mzila
: I started working for AmaZulu in 2008 under a company called Mandate which caters for the players at the clubhouse.

Silindile Xulu: What is your current role in the club and tell us about the Usuthu Moova (Mobile Kiosk) you’re always spotted around during home games?
Nonhle Mzila:  I am currently looking after the needs of the AmaZulu office, the staff working closely with Trevor Madsen in stock and branded merchandise. As for the mobile shop, I availed myself when the Mobile shop idea of selling branded items started and I enjoy it more there.

Silindile Xulu: What is the response from the supporters regarding the Usuthu Moova?
Nonhle Mzila: Well this started last season, just selling replicas, caps and vests and the turnout was so good in such a way that we have added more stock and more hands to assist me. The supporters even want more items like tracksuits. As time goes on hopefully we will be expanding our items as per our customers’ needs.

Silindile Xulu: What do you mostly enjoy about this job?
Nonhle Mzila: The buzz and atmosphere around excited football fans, the passion of the beautiful girls that assist me in very game voluntarily and mostly the flexibility of my job at the office, and being a supporter myself of a soccer club like AmaZulu FC.

Silindile Xulu: What are the most interesting remarks that supporters give after a loss?
Nonhle Mzila: Basically the supporters are all coaches and players. They always say they would have played so and so if they were given the coach but they are always hoping for a win in the next game.

Silindile Xulu: How is the experience of dealing directly with supporters?
Nonhle Mzila: Supporters are a very interesting market. If the team scores they buy more items even if they were not planning to buy anything but once the goal goes in everything changes.

Silindile Xulu: As one of the few women working in the football Industry what are the challenges that you have faced?
Nonhle Mzila: I haven’t faced any challenges regarding selling merchandise at home games, supporters just buy what they need and go. There are also those kinds of supporters who want jerseys and other apparel for free.

Silindile Xulu: Do you see a positive future for women in the football industry?
Nonhle Mzila: Yes, definitely if women are given a chance, I for one have learnt a lot here. When I started working here I did not know much about football. I have been exposed to a lot and I now have a soccer team back home in Mantobela.

Silindile Xulu: That is interesting under what age group is the team?
Nonhle Mzila: It is boys under the age of 18 years. I just gathered boys and they were all motivated to be part of the team. It is nothing big but I am glad that I am adding value to my community as well as my family from the experience I have gained watching how things work at AmaZulu FC.

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  1. Darryll Thomas says:

    Where can I buy Amazulu merchandise in Joburg … paricularly your white jersey?

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