Off the pitch with Tangeni Shipahu

This week’s Slindile Xulu finds out that there’s more to Namibian hard running winger-cum-striker Tangeni Shipahu than jostling for the ball with defenders.

Slindile: What is Tangeni like away from the pitch?
What I can say about me is that I am a very boring person. When I am not training I usually go on Facebook, call my family and friends back in Namibia. I enjoy going to the cinema. If I’m not on the field I am just indoors.

Slindile: How’s your social life now, since you joined Usuthu last season?
I have teammates, but I do not really visit them. Some of them visit me. Off the pitch we do not really meet but we still friends around the club’s surroundings.

Slindile: Are you involved in any relationship with someone here in South Africa or back home?
No, my girlfriend is back at home and I’m a one woman man (chuckles)

Slindile: How do you cope with the long distance?
: She usually comes to see me when she is off or bored in Namibia and I sometimes go and see her but it is a once in a while thing. She works in a mine doing Public Relations and I also have my football to be content about.

Slindile: How long have you been dating her?
: I do not know she will know.

Slindile: Where were you playing before joining AmaZulu FC?
: I was in Germany playing for Swarzz Weiss Dueren in 2008 and I then went to play for Tigers FC in Namibia.

Slindile: What does it mean for a Namibian to play football in South Africa?
We get all the support because very few players are playing in the PSL. I think it is a good opportunity and a way of showing that Namibians can do well in South Africa. I received a lot of comments from various places back home after the Ajax Cape Town game.

Slindile: Do you think you will still get any opportunity to train or play overseas?
Yes I have been there before and there is a huge chance I will if I work hard.

Slindile: How is it like working with Coach Roger Palmgren?
: I think that Roger is a good coach, he knows what he wants and he knows what a player wants. At the end he expects us to be our best and get a good result.

Slindile: As a striker given a lot of opportunities to play, do you think that you have kept with the expected standard in terms of your performance?
Every player will tell you that they have their on and off days. So I have had games where I say I performed to my extreme. Every game I try and perform better than the other. At the end it is about getting the best results. I plan to bring more presents and make sure the club wins something as good as results in the league.

Slindile: Have you had any setbacks?
: Yes, I had a few injuries, but I bounced back.

Slindile: Do you have any Idol in and out of football?
Out of football my parents and in football I look to myself for inspiration.

Slindile:  Tangeni’s life after football, what do you see?
I haven’t really thought about what I will do but I will like to help young footballers in schools or in academies.

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