Off the Pitch with Marc van Heerden.

On this week’s off the field feature catches up with talented left-back Marc van Heerden who’s due for a come back from injury about his take on life. Article by Silindile Xulu.
Silindile: How do you keep in touch with your family & friends in Joburg?                                           
It’s largely dependent on technology because I often use Skype and phone calls to talk to them.

Silindile: Which can you recall as an interesting time since you joined AmaZulu?
: There have been a lot of interesting things, obviously Moses Mabhida Stadium becoming our home ground. A lot of coaches have come and gone over the year, that’s always an interesting thing.

Silindile: Describe your first thought when you joined AmaZulu?
Yho! We had nothing, we had three shirts and two shorts but we made use of it. We have come a long way with club and it has been an honour. I joined AmaZulu in the 2008/2009 season and that time Clive Barker was the coach.                                            

Silindile: What made you the player that you are today?
: I guess going through youth developments and my father being involved in football and different coaches that I have had throughout the years. With the right attitude and good grooming and all of the above in addition contributed to the way I turned out.                                                                                                                   
Silindie: How was your father involved in Football?
: He was a professional footballer overseas and played for Highland Spark in that time, football is in my blood.

Silindile: You seem to have a lot of injuries lately, how do you deal with them psychologically?
It is tough players do not like to be injured, it was an unlucky tackle that happened but I have gained strength.    


Silindile: Do you fear that the injuries might affect your career?
No I have matured as a player, I am stronger than I use to be and I take good care of myself.

Silindile: When you get back what should the supporters expect from you?
The same old me, same player that works hard and gives his all in all match situations and those free kicks!

Silindile: What is the difference in the team this second round?
: Let’s not ignore that we are currently fighting and if we can keep doing what we are doing as a team and keep working harder, things may turn better than we even expected like even sneaking into the top six.  
Silindile: How did you get the name nickname “Sdumo”?
When I was playing for University of Pretoria, we use to watch ‘Sgudi Snayisi’ and there was that old man with a beard and I also had a beard in that time. My teammates decided to call me Sdumo, the main character of the show.
Silindile: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
: From Waking up every morning and doing something that I truly love and enjoy doing, the support that I get from my family, supporters and the team.

Silindile: Do you have any other interests besides football? 
I enjoy a bit of golf and I am a good cook.

Silindile: What are your other passions?
: I enjoy fine wine and dinning and spending time with my girlfriend and two new-borns in my family.                                                                                                                        
Silindile: Since football is a short term career, what are your future plans?
I would love to open my own restaurant in fact be a head chef, I truly love making good food.

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