Off the pitch with Donovan Thomson

This week Sli Xulu finds out what makes AmaZulu’s ‘white kid’ with a ‘heart of a black man’ and rookie kid Donovan Thompson tick. It is the festive season now, what are your plans?
I will be spending my festive season with my family and friends in Joburg.
Would you regard 2011 as a great year for you, off the pitch and in your career?

DT: I’d regard 2011 as a learning curve in my career; I learnt a lot and had a lot of ups and downs. But through it all 2011 was a great year for me. As a young footballer, has fame in your personal space changed you in anyway, especially the females?

DT: I have met a lot of groupies they come for fame and fortune, some come for my good looks and how I play. To be honest it makes one very confident to have female supporters. In one of the games there were girls with a poster written “Donovan Please Marry Me” and it made me play even better. The more female fans the better (laughs) Are you in a relationship?

DT: Yes, yes, yes, her name is Bianca McCann and she is in Matric. She is my first love, damn she is such a gorgeous girl

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