AmaZulu Football Club striker Ayanda “Cobra” Dlamini chats to Slindile Xulu of AmaZulu about his off the pitch moments and his recent joys.

Slindile Xulu: Who is Ayanda?
Ayanda Dlamini:
Home is Kwa Ceza Ulundi; I have a 6 year old boy.
I am qualified male nurse; I studied at Kwa Ceza Nursing College for 2 years and I was working there for two years when I got the opportunity to play for AmaZulu FC. I had to put my studies on hold.

Slindile: Were you popular as a teenager?
: Not really chuckles. I was a good and humble boy; you can even ask my parents.

Slindile: Are you currently studying anything?
: Yes, I am studying General Nursing at Durban University of Technology.

Slindile: How will you regard training?
I can say that right now, I am enjoying training the atmosphere at training is good since we won. There is no tension everybody is happy.

Slindile: What do you get up to if you are not training?
: I relax at the club house with my mates.

Slindile: What is your favorite music?
: I enjoy gospel and Maskandi Music.

Slindile: Are you reading any book?
: Nah, I just enjoy movies.

Slindile: Do you belong to a certain religious group?
Yes I do, I am Christian in fact in Durban I attend Kwa Mashu Christian Centre and back at home I attend Worship House of God. I was raised in ministry.

Slindile: What are your proud moments?
: Scoring the goal obviously against Super Sport United, a brother had been down for some time.

Slindile: The Goal that you scored against NEDBANK CUP, describe that moment.
Well I was very happy hence I had not scored in the long time. It was important to me because it boosted my confidents and I think it has upped my game. I hope that I keep scoring goals.

Slindile: What do you like most about your job and least?
Travelling and working few hours, it gives one time to relax and study.
Bad publicity, the fact that you are always watched and expected to make faults.

Slindile: If you had to change one thing in your life, what will it be?
None, I cannot recall anything.

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