Mabaso cherises Telkom Charity award

AmaZulu made headlines as they beat a number of teams to stay ahead of the voting pack in the Telkom Charity awards earlier this season.

Club PR and Communications Officer Philani Mabaso is one of the people credited with managing the machinery that ensured that ‘Usuthu’ roared back into the annual tournament.

We had a brief chat with him, and this is what he had to say:

Was this your first award in football? and how do you feel about winning this coveted award?
Yes this is my first award at Professional level. From probably 8 years old ,Ive always watched this one day tournament but I never thought I will contribute and end up winning something out of it – so I am naturally very excited about this.

What do you think set you apart from the other nominees?
Hard work and determination as I wanted to make history in our era. To ensure that we were able to bring Amazulu back to the Telkom Charity Cup after a very long time.

How did the club PR office manage to revive interest in AmaZulu from the thousands of its ‘dormant’ supporters for the Charity cup?
We had various strategies that we implemented successfully. For instance we visit the supporters exactly where they are located , in the villages , in the townships, the malls, the town centres – basically we went everywhere. We also ran a Media campaign and got everyone from the players to the coach involved in preaching the message. We mobilized all other stakeholders such as Government, our main sponsors Spar, Taxi Associations , and the general public to assist voting for AmaZulu .

How important is the Charity aspect of this competition?
Very vital! This is so because thats the objective of such a tournament. When I watched the Video during the Awards day, I realized the impact that all those votes make in other people’s lives.

What are your plans and wishes for the next Telkom Charity Cup?
That we all work hard and contribute positively to raise even more money for the ones that need it more. I even encourage all team that even beyond the TCC , to always find timein our busy schedule to care for the needy.

I would like like to thanks everyone that added value in my work .

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