Junior trialists to undergo further tests

Young AmaZulu hopefuls who were successful in try outs held in Durban last year will get a further chance on Thursday, this week as coaches for U13, 15 and 17 teams begin sifting for the best.

Out of the thousands that came from all corners of KZN only a few made the grade according to coordinator Thulani Hlatshwayo: “Even those that didn’t make it learnt something, by just going through the process they got to see the competition out there.

The coaches will now have an intense look at what we’ve uncovered because with well over 500 aspirant players only 43 players were selected on the first day from the U17s on the first day (14th December). On day 2 the U15s got about of 354 hopefuls with only 32 young footballers selected. It is almost the same number with the U13s,” said Hlatshwayo.

The coach said he was not only pleased with the amount of talent dished out by the youngsters but the commitment of parents which he says is very important in grooming young players.

The future Joel Faya’s will be further tested when the development coaches conduct further testing on the 5th of January next year in which the numbers will be shortened.


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