How amateur clubs can improve speed and power

AmaZulu High Performance Manager, Josh Smith discusses ways in which amateur club can improve speed and power in the modern game without the luxury of sophisticated equipment.

Speed and power is a crucial element in the modern game. On average, an amateur player makes a football action while sprinting about 100-150 times per game.

Speed can be broken down into acceleration (runs of less than 30 metres), maximum speed (runs of 40 to 70 metres) and agility (decelerating and turning).

Benefits of training speed allows a footballer to increase his/her acceleration (general and soccer specific), improve ability to change direction, as well as their explosiveness.

Developing a footballer’s power is fundamental in order to improve his/her explosive movements on the pitch.
Plyometric exercises such as repetitive jumping, hopping, bounding and depth jumps are used to improve power in footballers. The aim of plyometric exercises is to jump or move as high or far as possible with very little ground contact time.

Benefits of training power includes increase in sprinting, acceleration and jumping ability.

Types of exercises that can be performed with little or no equipment to increase a footballer speed and power includes:

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