AmaZulu place Vukusic on special leave

The club has taken a decision to place Head Coach, Jozef Vukusic on special leave with immediate effect.

This is to allow the club to deal with certain internal matters.

In the interim, Ayanda Dlamini will be taking charge of training sessions and first team matters. He will be joined by Moeneeb Josephs until further notice.

The club will not be making any further comments on the matter.

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7 comments on “AmaZulu place Vukusic on special leave
  1. Wow hope you know what you are doing cos this might have a more negative impact eteamini

  2. Mbongeni says:

    is this necessary now, why it took soon long?don’t you think it will hurt the club even more?

  3. Nhlanhla Mpondi says:

    It’s long overdue that he be fired or suspended it does not make any difference. The fact that he can’t coach senior players it means that he was clueless and technically bankrupt. He killed the team spirit of the club by putting those players on so called special training. The Khenyeza saga was just telling everything that is happening in the club. Please hire Rhulani or Zipho or Dan Malesela they are home made coaches and they know the culture of South African football lastly bring back those players to training and the team will win they are good players.
    Good luck we love the club

  4. Micke Rudafort says:

    Will Usuthu every season fire & hire if the coach be their motto l ike Chippa & Leopards,this need to go down & come up with better strategic manner!

  5. Nkosinathi says:

    I don’t think usuthu made a right decision to fire coach this time of the season,

  6. we’re in crisis but we hope uSuthu we get better we need to prey now.

  7. Gubazi says:

    As long we are not recruiting and beefing up our squad, we are doomed! Maybe its about time we get new people who can run this team. They will bring new ideas!

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