AmaZulu give Avela Cezu a second chance

AmaZulu Football Club has decided to reverse its decision to terminate the contract of on-loan midfielder Avela Cezu following the player’s appeal.

“There were certain mitigating factors that were taken into consideration and we’ve recalled him into the squad,” said AmaZulu General Manager, Lunga Sokhela.

Cezu had his contract cancelled at a disciplinary hearing following failure to adhere to club rules last month.

Head Coach, Steve Barker said the player will have to grab the opportunity given to him by management on the field of play.

“Obviously the player made an error of judgement and has learnt from his mistakes. Everybody has forgiven him, and they’re all pleased to have a player of his calibre back into the team,” Barker said.

“From a football point of view it is good for us to have Avela back in the team. He played an integral part in the beginning of the season for us, and he has got a lot of talent and ability as a player.

“I like his character on the field of play and the players welcomed him back with open arms. We now need to look forward and be positive,” said Barker.

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