Forwards or Strikers are the players on a team in the row nearest to the opposing team’s goal. The primary responsibility of strikers/forwards is to score goals.

Good examples of strikers are noted for their fantastic goal scoring ability. Other duties can include setting up goals for other players (usually another forward, but sometimes midfielders as well) and holding the ball up so that other players may join the attack.

Coaches will often field one striker who plays on the shoulder of the last opposing defender and another attacking forward who plays somewhat deeper and assists in creating goals as well as scoring. The former is sometimes a large striker, typically known as a “target man”, who is used either to distract opposing defenders to help team mates score, or to score himself; the latter is usually of quicker pace, and is required to have some abilities like finding holes in the opposing defence and, sometimes, dribbling.

The types of players defined above are both Stanton Lewis and Ayanda Dlamini. In a comparison mode both players play the same position and are both target men for Usuthu. Ayanda Dlamini has played 20 games this season against only 12 appearances from Stanton Lewis.

The interesting fact is that Lewis has 4 goals which is one more goal more than the 3 goals of Ayanda. With more appearances Ayanda has been with AmaZulu Fc for longer than Lewis having been in the team since 2009/2010. Lewis only has a single season having joined the team in 2011.

In experience Stanton Lewis takes the cake after playing for teams like Kaizer Chiefs, Ajax Cape Town and also has been at Ajax Amsterdam. Dlamini on the other hand has just played for Mighty Tigers (Amateurs), Nongoma Citizen.

Both these men are what give Usuthu the killing edge as they keep defenders unsettled and pose a huge threat for any defence. To say which striker is better than the other is out of the question because AmaZulu are sitting in the 7th position and do not look like slowing down anytime soon.

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