Stanton Lewis In the spotlight goes on the ball with Stanton Lewis or better known as ‘Stiga’. By lovemore Moyo.

Full Name: Stanton Ramon Lewis
Nickname: Stiga
Born: 3/8/87 in Mayfair, Johannesburg
Lovelife: Engaged with a three year old son
Previous teams: Aton villa, Maestro (both amateur), Wits University juniours, Ajax Cape Town, Ajax Amsterdam, Kaizer Chiefs
Car: BMW 125i Cabriolet
Cellphone: iPhone 4

On the pitch
Kick-Off: Who do you model your game around?

Stanton Lewis: Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan does it for me! I like his mentality and the fact that despite being a big guy he has skill, which helps him get out of tough situations. Plus most importantly, he can finish.

Kick: Most memorable gal you have scored

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