Staff Feature with Trevor Madsen

Excellent administrative skills and personalities make for a good recipe need in a group of office staffers to help run a football club. This week’s Sli Xulu put the spotlight on Admin Manager, Trevor Madsen whose last name might ring familiar to 90s KZN cricket and hockey fanatics.   

SX: Tell us, who is Trevor Madsen?
I come from a very sporty family. Nine of our family members have played hockey for South Africa and I played cricket as well for South Africa.

SX: How did the transition from being a cricket player to football administration occur?
I had my own business in printing. I was in a position where I either Invested or lost a lot of money and during that time I had an association with Graham O’Connor, and he asked me to join AmaZulu. He basically made up my mind for me.

SX: What exactly does your job entail?
In a nutshell I sort out the team’s travel bookings, kits for the first team, development teams and administration of branded merchandises. I also make sure that the stock is sufficient and the bookings are done on time for the players and the only thing that they should worry about is the matches. Basically I am a handy man.

SX: How long have you been working at the club?
I have been doing this job for four years.

SX: How is football administration different from general administration?
It is sometimes very frustrating because when you have last minute changes and my job is to make sure that the players are well supplied with the necessary logistics. They must only worry about the game.

SX: What do you love most about your job?
: When the clock hits 4pm when I have to go home (chuckles) and Friday.
I love being around sportsmen it is a different environment from being in an ordinary office, Clive Barker and I have a two beers after every game. It is a big learning curve for me when a player cannot enjoy their youth, and when they have to be professional sportsman and not do what other young people do.

SX: How do you cope with the pressure and challenges that occur in your job?
I like to see team-work; I think that should come first in any business. I get annoyed when people treat other people the way that they wouldn’t like to be treated.  You need to treat people with respect for them to respect you in this industry.

SX: You seem to have a good relationship with Clive, how long have you known each other?
I met him when he was a cricket coach and I have followed him around. He was our fitness trainer when I was playing, and I have known him for 25 years.
What I like about Clive is that he would do anything for another person. He is a great coach, friend and he always treats people with kindness.

SX: What do you think of the crowds in cricket and soccer in KZN?
We had big crowds when I was playing cricket, we didn’t watch internationally crickets game on TV. The soccer and cricket today don’t attract large crowds.

SX: Are you still involved in cricket?
: No I am not. I am a very loyal hockey supporter. I watch a lot of hockey and my daughters play hockey for South Africa.

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