Staff Feature with Storm Reid’s Silindile Xulu cracked a rare one on one interview with Storm Reid, the lady behind the smooth running of Usuthu finances who schools her on the corporate finance jargon associated with football.
Silindile Xulu: Tell me how you first got involved with AmaZulu FC?
Storm Reid:
It was just by a chance, I had put my CV on the Pnet website. One of the agents contacted me, which I then had an interview with the club’s General Manager, Peter O’Connor around January 2009.
SX: What was your first impression of the football environment?
When I started working there, there was no honeymoon stage as you will expect when you get into a new job and especially a professional football club. It was stressful taking over from somebody who had unfortunately passed on during December. I had to try and figure what he had done and had not. Peter O’Connor mentored and assisted me in understanding how everything worked.

SR:  How has the experience been since then?
It has been interesting not working for a football club previously, I have come from a gaming industry and shop fitting industry whereby I used to design furniture and install it in shops and houses. I have learnt so much, regarding how things are done legally, payrolls and accounts.

SX: What does your normal day look like at AmaZulu offices?
 My day consists of a variety of activities such as processing information, data capturing everything that needs to be sent. Queries whether it is from internal staff, customers or service providers. Different times of the year will be the financial plan, sorting out payrolls, SARS, legal policies, workers compensation contracts, cheque and requisitions. The works!

SX: What do you find most challenging about your job?
Meeting deadlines can be challenging if I do not get relevant information on time.
Payrolls can also be challenging if I am not given the information on time and the change of systems or software’s.
SX: What do you wish other people knew about your job in the football environment?
General finance operates by the same principles and policies, but things like procurement fees and image rights are seen as an income by other companies when it is actually an expense for us.
SX:  What do you do when you aren’t working?
I love being outdoors, seeing new places, exploring new things, meeting with family and friends and I love restoring old things.

SX: Restoring things like?
Recently I found an old coffee grinder and I fixed it.
SX:  Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working at the club?
I will say the most famous people will be Clive Barker, Graham O’Connor.
SX:  What do you think will change about the football industry over the next five years?
I think it has already happened if you look at most local communities there are women’s teams a national team like Banyana Banyana is motivation.
SX: Are you a football fanatic and which team do you favour?
I am not a hard-core soccer fan but I only support two teams which is Usuthu and Manchester City internationally.
SX: What is your motto towards getting a successful career?
: Your private life should not affect your work life; people must learn to separate the two.

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