Q & A with 23 year old new signing Augustine Ramphele

The former Moroka Swallows winger took time out from training this week to chat to AmaZulufc.net about how he’s carrying on at Usuthu.

Q: How have you found life in Durban so far and your new teammates?
A: The few days have been good ,haven’t really found it hard to adapt and it wasn’t hard for me to get used to them because good players know how to identify a good player so which made it easy for me to get used to my teammates.

Q: What are your thoughts on this year’s National First Division campaign?
A: My thoughts for this season are that with the squad we have, we can really go far as long as we pull in one direction, respect one another and take things one game at a time. I am confident that we will do well this season.

Q: What do you think made the club decide to sign you?
A: I think my hard work, discipline and my talent are the factors that made sign at the club.

Q: What do you think of the Head Coach, Joey Antipas’ style and approach towards the team?
A: My thoughts on our coach are that he is a really good coach that knows what he wants from his players. He has a really good understanding of the game and he really is going to help us do well this season.

Q: How have you been received by your new teammates?
A: My fellow teammates have been good to me although we might have our small arguments in the field of play, but it’s all because it’s part of the game. It’s nothing to worry about because we are a family and treat each one and every player with respect. I’m happy with the way my teammates have been to me thus far.

Q: Please describe the type of style you carry in your game?
A: I’m a speedy, skillful and technically good player that enjoys playing on the wings, and I like to play for results because I hate losing.

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