Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Legacy Cup Launched in Ulundi

The Zululand District Municipality has partnered with AmaZulu Football Club in launching the Prince Mangosuthu Legacy Cup to honour the district’s 88 year old first citizen in the form of a pre-season football festival.

The launch was held on 08 April at Ulundi’s Garden Court Hotel during an evening gala dinner with esteemed guests including Prince of KwaPhindangene, His Excellency Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Zululand District Municipality Mayor, His Worship Inkosi Mzamo Buthelezi, SAFA Executive Members, members of the Royal Household, PSL and NFD Clubs among others.

Inkosi Mzamo Buthelezi, Zululand District Municipality Mayor had these remarks: “Because of the long history AmaZulu Football Club has with Zululand as a district, we have decided that together we join forces to honour this great man as an honorary citizen of this district. He was honoured in 2002 as the first citizen of the district. All those aspects when you bring them together qualified him to be honoured in this fashion,” said Hon Cllr Buthelezi.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi is the nephew of Usuthu founder, King Solomon ka Dinizulu ka Cetshwayo ka Mpande, who endorsed efforts to unify the Zulu Nation through football, among other efforts. His mother is Princess Magogo ka Dinizulu ka Cetshwayo kaMpande, after whom the home ground of AmaZulu FC is named.

“I feel very honoured and humbled. As far as King Solomon is concerned, ofcourse King Solomon was my mother’s full brother. After the death of our grandfather King DiniZulu, I was actually brought up in his palace in Emahhashini.”

“Tournaments of this nature are very useful because, in the first place, apart from the fans that enjoy watching the games, there spinoffs as well through people who even come to a place like Ulundi which is not a very big town as part and parcel of tourism,” said Prince Buthelezi.

AmaZulu General Manager, Lunga Sokhela was coy over the potential the football spectacle may have on developing the Zululand District’s economy.

“The area does need a catalyst in terms of economic development, and there’s nothing bigger than a major event of this nature. How befitting that it can have a leader of this statue, uNdabezitha Prince Mangosuthu, and have his name associated to this wonderful project.”

“AmaZulu FC has a longstanding relationship with Zululand. We initially took a couple of matches to Ulundi when we were in the PSL. The whole vision was to take our brand back to our people because AmaZulu Football Club was formed in 1932 by King Solomon KaDinizulu ka Cetshwayo ka Mpande with a vision to unite the Zulu nation.”

“At the time the club was moved to Durban because most of our games were based in Durban and the headquarters were at Embelebeleni Royal Kraal,” said Sokhela.

The inaugural Prince Mangosuthu Legacy Cup will be played in July 2017at the Ulundi Regional Sport Complex. Other participating clubs will be confirmed leading up to the tournament. Local municipalities and surrounding small businesses are tipped to benefit from the economic boost the tournament will stimulate.

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