Off the Pitch with Josef Lekata

A few months ago the KZN club made a bold acquisition when they bolstered their squad with the signing of little known Josef Tseko Lekata despite being among the leading goal scorers in the NFD while still in the books of FC Cape Town.

The burly built striker chats to Silindile Xulu about his time spent at Usuthu, the 3 goals he has scored in five matches and his future plans.

Silindile Xulu: How has KZN treated you?
Joseph Lekata:
Durban was fine to me, the weather side of it and the team. Working for AmaZulu is really a great privilege and I didn’t expect it to work out as fast as it did since I had thought that I would only join them next season.

SX: What do you like the most about being a footballer?
The fact that I don’t work the same hours in a day and can rest in some hours of the day, get to relax and do whatever that I like. I do not see myself working a 6 to 6 kind of job.

SX: What makes you a unique individual?
The facts that I can adjust to any environment and that I can have fun in my own space without being irresponsible.

SX: What do you get up to in Durban if you are not on camp?
Nothing much, I am not an outgoing person so I just chill indoors and listen to reggae music.

SX: The few games that you have played how has the experience been?
In terms of my performance I can say that I can do better than how I have been doing. I just need to work on my fitness level; I left my former team Cape Town FC after an injury so my body wasn’t active.

SX: How do you feel about the team finishing the season on 7th position?
I am very happy. This is an achievement for me to be part of this victory. The team hasn’t been on top 8 for a long time. This is my first time playing for a club in the PSL with such a potential to do so well even in seasons to come.

SX: In your opinion what do you think made things possible for Usuthu to finish where they did?
OH it has to be the motivation from the technical team and management. We could have won that game in the second round, the physic and the mentality was right, our defence was strengthened.

SX: What are your plans for the next season with AmaZulu FC?
I’m looking forward to working hard and helping AmaZulu climb up the league. My plans are to stay fit and score a certain number of goals next season but for now I have to see to it that I maintain my fitness.

SX: What are you going to be doing during your holidays?
I will be going home in Bloemfontein and I have only visited my home twice since I have joined AmaZulu. It will be so exciting to go back home with such joy, this will motivate me to work hard on my fitness as I want to lose some kilos in three weeks.

SX: You sound very determined.
Yes, this is truly an exciting experience and I so want to do more for the club. I am looking forward to the pre-season to improving my fitness as well as being a successful striker.
Hebe Usuthu!!

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