Off the Pitch with Divan Augustyn

On this week’s “Off the Pitch” feature Sli Xulu chats with AmaZulu first aid man Divan Augustyn on what he gets up to when not busy with his crucial career.  

SX: How would you describe yourself?

DA: I am a very positive person; I enjoy life and love smiling. I also work very hard.

SX: As a youngster what did you want to be while growing up?

DA: I grew up in Cape Town from Primary School I wanted to be a Pilot and it was only when I was in High School that I wanted to be a Physiotherapist.

SX: What was your first job?
DA: I delivered newspapers in standard 1 and then from there I ended up being a bar man in high school. After that I opened my own business where I did massages. I also coached athletics during my whole study of 5 years for Primary school kids.

SX: Why Physio, especially in football?
DA: I remember watching Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs

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