Off the Pitch but eyes still on the ball

AmaZulu midfielder, Sibusiso Hadebe finds himself watching on the sidelines as his teammates go about their daily paces at training and watching from the stands on match days ever since he suffered a near career threatening injury against Orlando Pirates in October.’s Sli Xulu finds out what’s been occupying the mind of 24 year old midfielder who is also popularly known as ‘Mpasha’ lately. Sbu, you were injured during the Orlando Pirates vs AmaZulu match tell us more about that moment.

SH: Yes, I got injured on the 15th October 2011 against Pirates, it has been a very bad experience. It is killing me because I have never been injured for such a long time. My family is also worried about me not have not been playing. It looked like a very serious tackle, what was going through your mind? Did you think it was going to affect your career?

SH: Seeing it on TV was when I sunk into reality and a very scary one. I was shocked and scared that my career would end and the SMSs I received on my phone afterwards scared me more. How are you recovering and when should can your fans expect to see you back on the pitch?

SH: I am starting my full training this week, I will be playing on our next game on the 30th November with Platinum Stars hopefully. How is your daily schedule since you are off the pitch?

SH: I go to gym from 9-10am daily, train with Divan our physiotherapist where we focus on stomach sit ups and pushups. As AmaZulu’s Player of the Season for the 2010/11 Season have you found this season any different in terms the pressure?

SH: It has been a difficult season because everyone is expecting a lot of change. Change of position is a challenge for me, from being a defender and a midfielder. It requires me to change my mind set. When you get back what should the supporters expect from you?

SH: I will contribute like last season, score goals. Help the team to finish their expected tasks. What are things that mold or inspire you as Sibusiso off the pitch?

SH: I am a family man and I stay with my fiancé and two children, girl and boy. I live for them and to give them the best life that I never had. How can you describe your childhood?

SH: It was difficult. My brother use to play football and he broke his arm, so my parents said no more football for me. I used to sneak out and play soccer and my brother, Teko, use to cover my back and supported my dream. I am so grateful for all that my brother did for me. My mother is now proud of me because she knows that soccer is my life. Is there a specific thing that you would like to be given a chance to undo or redo?

SH: Redo will be going back to school and study sport management. Who is your role model in the football industry?

SH: It has to be Andre Iniesta from Barcelona and Spain.


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