Mugeyi still in charge of AmaZulu FC as “Caretaker Coach”

The Club Directors have not reach a decision regarding the position of the Head Coach.

Until such a decision is made, the status quo will remain. Wilfred Mugeyi will remain as Caretaker Coach and carry out all the responsibilities of the Head Coach.

The club will release a statement as soon as a decision is made on the matter. The directors are hoping to finalize this issue before the end of October 2014.

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One comment on “Mugeyi still in charge of AmaZulu FC as “Caretaker Coach”
  1. Paola kotton says:

    Amazulu will never achieve a big club mentality-in football for as long as the clubs ethos is to keep changing coaches and blaming coaches when actually it is always the players who are running the club.

    A football club must always be greater than its players and everyone must respect and support each other for the club to achieve greatness

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