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AmaZulu FC is one of the few South African that has enjoyed a sustained relationship with a major sponsor over a long period of time.

has been a feature of the club for many years and has just recently also extended sponsorship of the club by a further three years. editor Thapelo Moloantoa caught up with CEO Wayne Hook at the club’s recent awards ceremony to discuss this and other matters:

The Spar Group SA, has just extended its sponsorship of AmaZulu Football Club. What led you to this renewal of your company’s relationship with AmaZulu in terms of sponsoring the club?

From our point of view, our relationship with AmaZulu goes back many years and it has worked well for us. Us as the Spar group, and AmaZulu have worked well together. We see our link with AmaZulu as a way of putting back into the community what our loyal customers give to us by supporting our stores everyday. 

It also makes a lot of sense as well from a marketing point of view, but as I have stated most importantly this is for us putting something back into the community. 

Out of all the professional soccer teams in South Africa, why did you settle on AmaZulu in particular? 

We are a Natal-based company, so it is very important that we support one of our local-teams. It is part of our vision to help develop a KZN-based team into one of the best clubs in South Africa. We believe we must have a practical role in this process. 

Are you as a company involved in the day-to-day running of the club? 

No. We see ourselves as a sponsor. We obviously have good knowledge of the people who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the club and we have full confidence in them. We are in the business of selling bread, milk, beans and apples amongst other things, and not in football club management, we leave that to the people who know best in that regard. Our job is to sponsor and help market Spar and the club, while giving back to our supporters i.e the community at large.   

What does Spar do to encourage the community to support the club? 

One we ensure that our employees know about the games. Two we also encourage them to go to the games and support AmaZulu wherever and whenever they can.

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