Bloem Celtic won Mangosuthu Legacy Cup but ‘unity’ the major victor

Unity and camaraderie delivered a bumper weekend in Ulundi, true to its theme, in the form of the successful Zululand Extravaganza which featured the Gumba Fest and the Prince Mangosuthu Legacy Cup from 28-30 July.

Throngs of football supporters came out in their numbers to be entertained in the tournament that honoured Prince of Phindangene, Mangosuthu Buthelezi on Sunday as AmaZulu FC, Bloemfontein Celtic, Mbabane Swallows and Zululand District Municipality XI did battle at Ulundi Regional Stadium.

It was Bloemfontein Celtic who lifted the first inaugural Prince Mangosuthu Legacy trophy after they pipped Usuthu 1-0 through a solitary first half goal from Kabelo Mahlasela.

Mangosuthu Legacy Cup winners Bloem Celtic

Mangosuthu Legacy Cup winners Bloem Celtic

AmaZulu had looked determined to finish the job in the final after Joey Antipas’ men overcame high flying Swaziland giants Mbabane Swallows 2-1 in their semi-final meeting. Celtic reached the final after beating Zululand District 2-0 in the first semi-final clash.
Usuthu evergreen striker, Siyabonga Nomvethe picked up some positives during the tournament.

“It’s a good a thing we played well as a team. I’m happy that the clubbed reached the final after beating Mbabane Swallows. I’m also happy that I got two goals but more important is the fact that the team worked together,” said Nomvethe.

AmaZulu General Manager, Lunga Sokhela, the project head, was appreciative of the response the public gave to honour Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

“We believe the project went well. Now that we have started it, we hope that next year we will raise the bar a lot higher. People came out in large numbers in both events.”

“It is not normal that B & Bs in the same region get fully booked. That showed that there were many people that came from outside of Ulundi,” said Sokhela.

His worship Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi remarked: “Team work can produce excellent results. Just look at what has been achieved by the teaming up of AmaZulu Football Club and the Zululand District Municipality.

“Sport is being promoted, young players are being mentored, and talent is being developed. All of this is bringing something positive to our people,” said Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

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2 comments on “Bloem Celtic won Mangosuthu Legacy Cup but ‘unity’ the major victor
  1. Nhlanhla Mpondi says:

    I think Amazulu are getting better day by day. My advise to management there is a need for local coac, I mean Kzn first to be either assistant and also soccer analyst because soccer is different today. I am not undermining the coach, the reality is that the team is new in the environment and the coach sruggled in the Nfd then now its a different ball game all together. If you dont win the first five games then you must know that trouble comes

  2. Michael Mpanza says:

    AmaZulu FC must find a new experienced coach NOW before the start of the season. The pre-season games played so far have indicated clearly the lack of depth, experience and ability of the coach to compete at the PSL level.

    Further, beef up the squad with young good players who are still hungry for glory.

    Otherwise, the PSL status Dr Sokhela paid for is going to be short lived!

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