Barker: The best is yet to come from Shitembi

Namibia international and AmaZulu’s midfielder Petrus Shitembi is proving to be an exceptional player in the  midfield as he brings with him a fast attacking football style with lots of tricks which South African fans usually enjoy.

Not only has he been in fine form for his national team, but the KZN club as well and that is why coach Steve Barker feels he is still going to do miracles for the club.

“Look Shitembi is an exciting player and I am happy about his performances so far in the club,” said Barker.

“We must also understand that he has a lot on his shoulders as there is too much travelling for him as he also represents his national team.

“I feel that he can still deliver more and he will do well for us.”

Despite playing as mainly an attacking midfielder for Usuthu, Shitembi looks to be one of the leading goal contenders come the end of the season as he has one goal under his belt so far.

“I am pushing to be the best I can possibly score in every match that I play,” said Shitembi.

“We need to continue working hard as a team and supporting one another so that we take the club to the next level.”

In the mean time all the players are looking good as far as injuries are concerned except for Linda Bhengu who shall be ready by next week.

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