AmaZulu Pre-season update

AmaZulu Head Coach, Joey Antipas welcomed back a full squad of committed players comprising of returnees and new faces ready to tackle the upcoming 2017/18 season.

Antipas began moulding his squad this week without defenders Tumelo Letuka and Luyanda Hlongwa who both have been released while the club opted not renew striker, Roggert Nyundu’s one year deal.

“It’s much too early to analyse the guys and all the new players because right now it’s all about fitness testing and loading,” said Antipas.

According to the Zimbabwean mentor the arrival of left-winger Skhumbuzo Mazibuko, striker Somila Nsundwayo, and attacking midfielder Phillip Ndlondlo on two year deals is soon to be followed up with the addition of experienced personnel in a number of positions.

“So far though the guys have been working hard, we just hope that the guys from last season will embrace the new players.”

“If we can have them embracing one another that’s a sure case of unity in any football team. You need the players united because, united we stand and divided we fall,” said the 57 year tactician.

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2 comments on “AmaZulu Pre-season update
  1. Zuziwe Mkhize says:

    well done for the opportunities that AmaZulu offer young stars, but my concern how do they help those individual who plays in un-identified teams in the rural areas, while they have talent.

  2. I think Usuthu should be their last season to buy status. It hurts us as supporters to see such a big club lacking ideas of being run with such a financia muscle. I want to give management few suggestions for this season. Chech the history of the club it tells you tha if the squad is between 70_80% of players it does well in the league. 1985 to 1985 Clives team in fact even before. 1990 to 1992 under Clive and Mr Fitness , the latest Neil Tovey team that reach 3 semifinals in one season thats is 2010 and spoiled the following season by firing him. If the club uses most of players coming outside the province it struggles no matter how good are they. Mthiyane crop, Dlaminis, Gumemde, Cele, Madondo, and those Zulu cernames works for the clud. Check the history of Bra Sugar, Chipa, Fayas I can go on to show tha this work. I do not mean that the club does not need playets from outside the province. The coach is questionable

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